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In classes hand-picked by veteran massage educator Peter Fuller, you will learn the best way possible--hands on!  Let us show you how to take your practice to the next level.  At AMTC, we pride ourselves in empowering Louisiana's finest massage therapists.  Click here to see our current schedule. 

First-Rate Course Offerings

Advanced Massage Training Center in New Orleans offers high level training in our weekly classes as well as on-site seminars and 12 hour massage therapy CE / CEU classes approved by the Louisiana Massage Therapy Board.  In classes hand picked by veteran massage educator Peter Fuller, you will learn the best way possible--hands on!  We offer advanced massage therapy training in New Orleans and South Louisiana.   Schedule a class with us today!  

 Peter Fuller LMT, Owner and Instructor

Louisiana Massage Therapy License LA#0555 

Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy Provider LAP#0091   

  • Graduated The Atlanta School of Massage in 1991
  • Passed the Florida State Board Exam 1991
  • Certified in NMT and Advanced NMT with Jean Alande 1991
  • Certificate of completion in Sports Massage with Benny Vaughn 1992
  • Certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy with Philip Aberman in 1992
  • Certified in Connective Tissue Massage with Marshall Academy of Healing Arts in 1993
  • Employed with The Atlanta Clinic for Preventative Medicine and McLaver Medical Institutes 1993
  • Primary Instructor with In Touch Bodyworks Institute in Baton Rouge teaching Swedish, Deep Tissue, NMT 1995 to 1998
  • Massage Supervisor/Medical Staff 2000 Olympic Weight Lifting Trials
  • Primary Instructor Blue Cliff College teaching Palp, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, NMT 1998 to 2007
  • Primary Instructor Blue Cliff College Associate Degree Program teaching Medical Massage 1 & 2, Advanced NMT, Orthopedic Assessment, Myofascial Release, Advanced Sports 2003 to 2010
  • Primary Instructor and Owner of Advanced Massage Therapy Center 2010 to present 

Myofascial Cupping Class

Take a sneak peek at one of our myofascial cupping classes and see what it is like to learn with us.  We would love to teach you how to use cups dynamically over the body so you can work smarter not harder.  Click here for our current class schedule and sign up today!

Course Catalog

  • 160 hour Medical Massage Certification
  • 80 hour Clinical Massage Certification
  • 80 hour Myofascial Massage Certification
  • 160 hour Advanced Modalities (I and II)
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Save Your Body, Save Your Career
  • Myofascial Cupping
  • Pin Massage
  • Safe and Effective Fascial Blasting
  • Clinical Massage for the Shoulder
  • Clinical Massage for the Low Back and Hip
  • Clinical Massage for the Neck and Spine
  • Active Assisted Massage (I and II)
  • Active Assisted Chair Massage
  • Quit Using Your Dadgum Thumbs
  • Range of Motion Testing as Technique
  • Movement Modalities
  • Myofascial for the Shoulder Girdle
  • Myofascial for Low Back and Hip
  • Myofascial Unwinding
  • Joint Unwinding
  • Basic Functional Assessment
  • Neurological Reeducation Techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? What do you do?

I am an almost 30 year veteran massage therapist with over 20 years of experience as an instructor.  I enjoy teaching people what I wish I would have known 30 years ago!  

Do you offer discounted student massages? Do you offer onsite massage for events?

Unfortunately we don't have a student clinic and don't offer onsite massage.  All of our students are massage therapy professionals working in the field and command full price for their services.  I suggest contacting your local massage school as most have internship requirements they are looking to book.  Links to Louisiana massage schools listed by city below.

I am looking for a massage school. Can I enroll in your school?

Welcome to an exciting period of your life!  Almost all of us look back on our massage education as a period of rapid change and growth. Unfortunately, we are not a base program. We teach massage professionals after they get out of school.  Please look us up after you become a Licensed Massage Therapist we would love to build upon what you know and challenge what you think you know.  

Massage schools in Alexandria, LA:

Unitech Training Academy--Alexandria

Massage schools in Baton Rouge, LA:

Medical Training College

Moore Career College

Unitech Training Academy

Massage school in Houma, LA:

Blue Cliff College

Massage school in Lafayette, LA:  

Unitech Training Academy

Massage schools in Lake Charles, LA:

Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy

Unitech Training Academy

Massage schools in the New Orleans, LA area:

Blue Cliff College--Metairie

Delgado Community College

Unitech Training Academy

Delta College--Covington

Massage school in W. Monroe, LA:

Unitech Training Academy

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